If you are a Highly Intelligent Person...
You are going to want a Highly Intelligent
Fitness System
 Intelligent People Are Super Sexy....
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FITNESS systems are here one moment and gone the next.

You enjoyed what they did for you, how they changed your body in the past...
but in truth they all fell short.
Because they leave you incomplete.
Because they are not comprehensive.
They don't change EVERYTHING permanently.

And that means you slip back again.
You walk around with injuries, a lot of weight,
little muscle, and
generally feel uncomfortable in your body.

Then along comes me, Lyric Ginsberg, with.....
- Spiral Kinetic® Fitness -
and all that changes.

Spiral Kinetics® gives you a new approach to fitness....
One where you explore all aspects of fitness ...Inside and Out.

It is a system that updates you.

That advances your Body and your Mind.

It is a system that invites you to be more intelligent than you were yesterday.

And makes you smarter for tomorrow. 

It enhances you, especially your most attractive parts.
To become even sexier.
And teaches you how to use them....
So you overcome your injuries and maximize your whole body....
to lose weight and put on fantastic muscle.

It helps you grow into the the next version of you. The next physical evolution of yourself.... for the next stage of your unfolding life.

If you're into Crossfit®... this is for You.

If you're into Yoga.... THIS is for You.

If you're into being a highly evolved human being ... this is definitely for YOU.

If you are entering midlife and want to be the best for the rest of your life.....

well.... you know....


1- The ability to build from a place of health

The “go big or go home” and “no pain no gain” mottos and era are dead now.

Dead and buried.

Your new motto will now be:

“Health first... then kick Ass!”.

2)  The core elements of true fitness.

It gives you the 7 primal elements of fitness to focus on that make the real difference.

...so much so that if you only did these CORE elements you would

be above average and amazing. Becoming your own personal version of an athlete.

3) 5 phases of being fit.

These 5 phases go way outside of the physical....

Into emotional, intellectual, relationship phases and more.


Because you're an incredible being.

And you need to be to completely evolved.


Spiral Kinetics™ is the way there. And once you are there your whole life benefits.

4) The ability to generate true POWER.

Whether its physical-muscular power, emotional confidence,

or the internal power of passion....

Spiral Kinetics™ was created to amplify you and make you greater.


Never before seen techniques to bring you up into a whole new fitness level.

Get in touch with the true unfolding of your body....

as it moves and exercises the way it was meant to.

Enough of the boring stuff....(like linear movement).

The Spiral Kinetics® fitness system is at a ..whole ...'nother ...level.

Spiral Kinetics® not only looks to create a healthy, powerful athletic version of you....
but even more importantly... It is here to make you holistically your best.

Its time for Your fitness to Evolve.

Its time for You to Evolve.

Get the smartest system around.

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